Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday and I am back .............Fingers crossed

Well slight technical issues have prevented by usual Sunday blog ramblings -" Your browser no longer supports" was the message and several calls later to my IT helpline ( my brother he is a star) and now
Google Chrome hopefully supports me !!!
Well so many things to post how utterly delightful - so where shall I start - in the middle I think - just back from a long weekend in the south of France visited Saint Paul de Vence a beautiful captivating medieval
town set up in the hills , artists abound amongst the cobbled streets - Chagall ended his days in this sunny
paradise . And the sun shone for 3 glorious days and no I will not start talking about the climate in England I

just wont ! So the pictures will tell a little of the story and hopefully I am now back to my at least weekly meanderings ............................

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Its not Sunday !

I always blog on a Sunday and never in the week - however I was distracted this Sunday by my mission to be busy in my garden ... I painted garden furniture a beautiful "French" blue ,that, sort of faded blue that evokes memories of summers past spent in the South of France where the blues and pastel pinks and subdued yellows speak to you of a faded elegance . I then finished painting a garden fence ready to gild it with ( hopefully green fingers permitting ) an abundance of trailing clematis ... well I dream and then all of a sudden it was evening a long soak in the bath accompanied by a glass of chilled sauvignon and I was lost !!

So sis - do you like the colour - I did have a cup of tea mid afternoon - it wasn't yet wine time and the flowering cherry seems to have been transplanted happily - Enjoy the garden pictures you will see them soon..................

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Joyeuses Paques...

Easter - sometimes early and sometimes late heralds the school holidays and hope of warm sunshine ! The roads are packed with travellers intent on getting away for the long Bank Holiday weekend - whilst others reflect on the true religious implications .
I was up early and in the kitchen - first was a spot of baking - home made scotch eggs ! Honestly they taste delicious but as you can see from the picture they are not instantly recognisable ......... then I attempted to make wax hearts - no picture as they didnt quite come off - hey ho back to the drawing board . I shaved wax crayons placed them between sheets of waxed paper and melted with hot iron - all went well till I tried to cut them into shape ........ another time !
And I still not have eaten my chocolate rabbit must be a record I hear my sister cry - I am toying with saving it to share with my nieces and Sis - only 25 days till they arrive - much excitement I can't wait !
Anyway Happy Easter - may God's love be with you ( Check out one of my all time favourite songs - In the Sun - Michael Stipe featuring Joseph Arthur - bliss! ) AND
maybe in 26+ days time I will be able to post the You Tube video and other enhancements will magically appear on my blog - thank you in advance Megan !!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Afternoon Tea....

one of those great British institutions , and , Sunday seems to lend itself more than any other day to this most pleasing of pastimes . Ok I have foregone the cucumber sandwiches , instead I baked some rather delicious lemon frosted cupcakes a rather guilty pleasure to be enjoyed at around 4.30 - why is the time important I am not sure but it just seems the " right " time . So feet up and happily munching whilst dipping delightfully into one of my favourite poetry books - it is a little battered now from so much reading but never ever fails to please . And as its a beautiful sunny afternoon with summer beckoning the flowers were just peeping over my fence asking to be photographed and displayed for all to see ...........

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Weather......

well as is commonly known the "British" have ( and always will I am sure ) a pre-occupation with the weather ! We discuss it daily , or sometimes with even greater frequency , will it rain ,do I need a coat - is it cold - windy shall I take a sweater and a brolly - just in case ! The permutations are endless , we watch long range weather forecasts to plan our weekends - then bemoan the fact the weather turns out absolutely nothing like predicted ! We discuss the weather with people we have never met - why - because we can and because it is so " jolly unpredictable " !
Secretly I wonder if I lived in the warm climes of my dreams would I miss being able to wake up and wonder ?
So the weather topic is currently providing news headlines - we are having on the third day of spring the most balmy of temperatures to rival Madrid to quote just one - and it is just glorious beautiful sunshine and the english countryside is awash with daffodils and yes ok a few dandelions !
So I feel Summer has arrived - just a the back of my mind, and probably a few others is the nagging doubt that this will be the first and last sun of the year - and yes I know they are talking hosepipe bans and drought already - I fear having heard all this before we could have a monsoon summer yet ! BUT undeterred - we enjoy and BBQ's pulled out and shorts ( not me yet my legs aren't up to it ) being donned for the weekend and maybe beyond - if you believe the weather forecast !
Pictures are of southern France - I love it.........And the sun shines - a lot !!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I watched a culture show programme last week on which David Hockney was being interviewed on his new exhibition . I will not go writing reams but just post a few pictures - which speak so much louder than words !

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Thoughts and Pictures ...

well its Sunday again , where does the time go I ask myself . I love this time of day its around 6pm and the light is only just fading - Spring is just around the corner - snowdrops have appeared like magic overnight and the little white pearls are dotted in small clumps and great swathes across the fields and then you turn another corner and the vivid yellows and purples announce that the crocuses are ready to show their colours to the lengthening days , which means soon the blossom of the cherry will be ready to show off every hue imaginable of dusty pink to deep rose.

I took a walk and picked catkins and a few daffodils to bring a little of the approaching spring indoors to savour and then sitting watching the night draw in the moon came out and so I tried to capture the picture - the sight made me think of a song " Wishing on a Star" I first heard it by Rose Royce and then Paul Weller did a cover which I love
"I'm wishing on a star , To follow where you are , I'm wishing on a dream , To follow where you'll be ...........